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This online report enables individuals to search and view their recorded details on DataKatch’s Residential Tenancy Database, as well as alerting them to any profile checks conducted by real estate agencies in relation to their rental history.

The report also features an innovative Rental Serviceability Scoring tool. This tool can assist prospective tenants determine whether they can can afford to rent and maintain a rental property. By using this tool, tenancy applicants can determine their rental serviceability score, before applying for a rental property and being assessed.

Purchase your report today for only $22 Inc GST for 6 months online access.

Tenants residing in NSW can obtain free access to their DataKatch Residential Tenancy Database report.

To obtain free access, please email the below information with the subject line “Free Access” along with a scanned copy of your Driver License / Proof of Age card.

  • Full Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Contact Telephone Number:
  • Driver License / Proof of Age Card Number:
  • Current Address:
  • Previous Address:
  • You will be provided access to your DataKatch Residential Tenancy Database report within 30 days of your request.

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    Only $22 Inc GST