How much money will my company earn?

Your company could earn up to 40% commission on all sales generated, along with a 20% renewal trail.

What products are Distributor Licences available on?

Distributor Licences are currently available on our Auction Management System and Residential Tenancy Database + Profiling System.

Can the software be White Labeled for my company?

Yes, products are provided as a White Labeled service including a small “Powered by DataKatch” logo.

Will my company’s clients be provided with their own unique login and subscription page?

Yes, this page will also include your company’s logo.

Can my company discount its sale commission and offer our clients a discounted fee?

This option is available to distributors of our Auction Management System only.

Who can become a DataKatch Distributor?

Distributorship's are currently available to companies servicing the real estate industry. e.g. Auction Houses and Real Estate Training Groups.

Is my company required to provide product training and support?

No, product training and support is provided by DataKatch.

Will my company receive any additional benefits in becoming a distributor of DataKatch’s Residential Tenancy Database + Profiling System?

Yes, companies who distribute our Residential Tenancy Database + Profiling System will be allocated advertising space within the subscribers main landing page. This advertising space can be used to promote your company’s products and services.

Will my company receive any additional benefits in becoming a distributor of DataKatch’s Auction Management System?

Yes, companies who distribute our Auction Management System will be provided with Admin Access. This access will allow companies to analyse auction results and statistics on clients who utilise the service.

Can my company become a Distributor on more than one product?


Will you be releasing additional products in the future to offer to our clients?

Yes, DataKatch’s product line will continue to evolve with market trends.

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