About Us


DataKatch is an online data company – focused on the provision of innovative and intrinsic data capturing solutions.

Offering tools and facilities to streamline processes and procedures, DataKatch has designed and developed innovative solutions to help businesses be more effective and efficient.

With the increase in technology the range of data flow is increasing exponentially. No longer are we restricted to information based within our immediate business environment. The Internet, Cloud services and On-the-Go Mobile access has seen data and information flow from every aspect of our day.

Businesses need to embrace new technology to not only stay up to date but also one step ahead of their competition.

Our services are designed to help our subscribers manage their data smarter and more efficiently.

Current products and services offered:

  • KatchALL Kontacts [RE] Lead-Generation System for Real Estate Agents
  • Record, Store & Manage Prospective Vendors & Buyers Information

  • KatchALL Kontacts [SME] Lead-Generation System for Businesses
  • Record, Store & Manage Business Contacts & Sales Leads

  • [dk] KIOSK App
  • Available on the App Store & Google Play

  • Auction Information Manager
  • Electronically Record, Store & Manage Auction Information

  • FREE Residential Tenancy Database
  • Tenant Checking & Screening Service

  • KatchALL Xcite [Gift Packs]
  • Vendor, Handover & Landlord Gifts

  • Search ME@[datakatch]
  • Tenant Report