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This online application enables individuals to search and view their recorded details on DataKatch’s Residential Tenancy Database, as well as alerting them to any profile checks conducted by real estate agencies in relation to their rental history.

Search ME@[datakatch] also features an innovative Rental Serviceability Scoring tool. This tool can assist prospective tenants determine whether they can can afford to rent and maintain rental property. By using this tool, tenancy applicants can determine their rental serviceability score, before applying for a rental property and being accessed.

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Find out if you are recorded on DataKatch's Residential Tenancy Database as a Default Tenant

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  • Search 1:
    Profile Check Analyser
    Discover if any searches have been processed on you and who conducted the searches.
  • Search 2:
    Residential Tenancy Database
    Find out if you have been blacklisted on DataKatch's Residential Tenancy Database.
  • Search 3:
    Known Associates Directory
    Know if you have been linked applying for properties with any other individuals.
  • Search 4:
    DataKatch Profiles
    Search and retrieve any additional information DataKatch may hold on you.
  • Scoring Tool
    Rental Serviceability
    Our Rental Serviceability Scoring Tool may assist you calculating the rental amount you can afford to pay.