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KatchALL Kontacts [RE]

Lead-Generation System

Electronically record & store prospective vendors & purchasers information at open homes, work events & functions using any Smartphone, Tablet, PC or by setting up your own Open Home Kiosk

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Auction, Auction Information, Bidders, Bidder Record, Bidder Register, Auctioneer, Real Estate, Bidder Paddle, Auction App, Bidder App

Auction Information Manager

Auction Management System

Electronically record, store, analyse & manage your offices auction performance results and data in real-time. Save time & money handwriting & purchasing bidder record & registration cards

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Tenant Database, Tenancy Database, National Tenant Check, Tenancy Screening, Tenancy Check, Tenant Screening

Tenancy DB + Profiling System

Tenant Checking & Screening Service

Gain insight into tenancy applicants with DataKatch's Tenancy Database + Profiling System. Screen tenancy applicants & manage default tenants, access high quality in-depth information

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Client Database, Contact Database, Database Management, Lead Generation

KatchALL Kontacts [SME]

Lead-Generation System

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Vendor Gifts, Settlement Gifts, Landlord Gifts, Real Estate Gifts

KatchALL Xcite [Gift Packs]

Vendor, Settlement & Landlord Gifts

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Real Estate Kiosk, Open Home Kiosk, Lead Generation Kiosk, Marketing Kiosk

[dk] KIOSK App

For KatchALL Kontacts [RE] & [SME]

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